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Auto Insurance Tips How to save money on auto insurance

Consider bundling

Bundle your auto  with homeowner’s insurance and you could save an average of $110 per year or bundle renter’s with auto to possibly save $72 per year.

Buy an older car

A 5-year-old version of a certain model is nearly 13% less expensive to insure than its current model year version.

Pay in full up front

Drivers save an average of $62 per year by paying in full rather than an installment plan.

Do some research

Take a few minutes to learn about which companies, minimum coverage requirements and other factors apply to your state.

Plan Ahead

Purchase your policy at least 10 days before you need it activated for a better rate. This is especially helpful if  you want to switch to a new company.

Drive safely

While this is a good idea for your own well-being and that of others around you, of course, you’ll also save yourself from a potential rate increase.

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